My Personal Experience with Wilson A2000 Pudge Catcher’s Mitt

Wilson A2000 Pudge Catcher’s Mitt


Playing as a catcher, it is very big deal selecting which catcher’s mitt to use. A Catcher’s mitt not only acts as a catcher’s glove but also acts as defense against the incoming 75 miles per hour pitch. It would cost you a lot to go cheap on such situation. For a catcher it is very important to be well equipped with a helmet, a chest protector, a catcher’s glove, a knee saver and leggings that would survive long and tough repeated use.

Generally, it is very unusual not to find any Wilson sports product when you visit a professional baseball game. The Wilson products are so prominent in design in sports equipment and this is what makes them popular. This Wilson A2000 Pudge Catcher’s Mitt certainly defines on the company’s well designing and product performance.

My kid used mitts from another brand whose leather was very soft. While buying it, I considered the soft glove to protect the hands of my kid from getting sore. But, that was certainly an unwise decision. After that I bought this Wilson mitt for my son; he never gets this glove out of his hands. He calls it his iron fist. This particular product gives what is needed for my boy to excel as a catcher at the high school level. It is built to last long and has a number of features including a deep half-moon pocket and a thinner outside padding which helps him to scoop up the balls as he defends against it behind the plate.


Wilson A2000 Pudge Catcher's Mitt

The leather from which the mitt is made up of is of premium quality. It is very much recommended to check if the catcher’s mitt is very soft or having a crack anywhere. This could jeopardize your kid’s safety. This also is not a sign of good leather. This is a contrasting feature when it comes to Wilson A2000 Pudge Catcher’s Mitt.

Out of the box, this mitt is very stiff and one needs to break this mitt properly before it can be brought into use. It requires a lot of pitch and catch before it comes to its best condition. So, to experience the best performance out of it, I allowed it some time to break in the glove before he could use it for a game.

One of the best features of this mitt is, it doesn’t let your hand get wet by your sweat. Its DriLex ultra breathable wrist lining helps transfer the moisture from the skin to stay cool and helps him keep his hand dry as he makes me proud through the game. The shallow pocket that it has, is another of the many benefits for the catchers.

The half-moon web’s shallow pocket is very good and comes in handy when he needs to have a quick transition from the mitt to the hand whenever he needs to make a quick throw. The rolled dual welting leather along each fingers adds to its features as it maximizes the shape retention. The pre-tented pre-curved design provides a stable pocket. The dial fit system easily fits and comfortably conforms to the average sized hands of my son.

The leather is the best part of it. Being a good quality leather, it absorbs all the impact and saves you from the sting. It absorbs shock really well and doesn’t let you feel any sting on the hand while you catch it. This glove is best recommended for youths and kids under 10 years of age. It is a very wise investment if your kid is not involved in any competitive environment of play and has long years of playing ahead. I myself sometimes feel the sting but anyway this product was worth the investment.

To summarize what the product actually is, to help you decide I will let you know the pros and cons of this Wilson A2000 Pudge Catcher’s Mitt:



Like every coin has two faces, every product that has advantages also has some customers who dislike some features of it. There is no technical concern about this product, but what I disliked about this particular mitt is:




Overall, this is a very good product and I personally would recommend it for any youth. So, make sure you select the best catcher’s mitt in the market!


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