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The catcher is the most important player on the baseball field who has direct control on how the game will proceed. The special gloves designed for catchers are called catcher’s mitt. Catchers are in a position to protect the home plate from scoring runs, which is why it is essential to make sure the catcher has the best catchers mitt to deal with every situation in the game.

These are deliberately constructed to have a larger pocket to allow the player to trap the ball in as well as cope with the numerous demands that the game puts on them. The special shape of the catcher’s mitt delivers improved and better protection while giving the pitcher a larger target area.

If this your first time choosing a new catchers mitt, let us help you to find the best catchers mitt that you deserve. When I was 8, I was given my first by my awesome uncle as a birthday gift, but to be honest it was a little bit loosen in my hand. Obviously he did not know the correct size but eh! it was cool. I will get in to the picking the correct size part later.


Let’s move to the Basics of Catcher’s Mitts

Here I will carry you out through a simple introductory guide on catcher’s mitt.


What is a Catcher’s Mitt?

The catcher is required to wear a glove just like all the other players on the field. We call it a ‘Catcher’s Mitt’ instead of glove.


So why do we call a catcher’s mitt a mitt not a glove?

Few points to highlight:

  • A catcher’s mitt does not contain individual finger components.
  • Includes extra protection to catcher’s hand because of the number of times the ball meeting the catcher’s mitt is high.
  • Comes with a larger sized pocket to trap the ball at hand easily.


How to Select the Best Catcher’s Mitt?

Here is our guide on how to select the best catcher’s mitt.



This is obviously the most important factor to consider as the amount of budget you have will determine what type and brand of catcher’s mitt you can buy. The usual price of the mitt varies from $30 to $300. It is important to note that the higher cost does not necessarily mean better performance, which is why you need to pay attention to other aspects.



When purchasing a catcher’s mitt, you will have the choice to buy a mitt with a single hinge or a dual hinge. Most of the players prefer dual hinge as it gives them a feeling of a real hand, but this does not mean you should immediately buy a dual hinge mitt. Try both mitts, compare them, and then decide which one feels more comfortable to you.



The size of your hand changes as you grow old and so does the size of the mitt. Normally, the suitable size for players at youth level, which is ten to fifteen years old, is thirty-two inches. For older players that have bigger hands, the size of the mitt varies from 32.5 inches to 34.5 inches. These sizes are based on the circumference not the length of the hand.


Best Catchers Mitt – Size Chart

Over 1532"-34.5"




This is the final aspect that you need to consider to make sure you buy the best catchers mitt. The brand has a major role in improving or worsening the game as it shows the quality of craftsmanship. A few brands give special consideration to the gender of the player and thus, they have designed smaller openings and narrower finger stalls that can fit the female hand better. Here are the two best catcher’s mitts from different brands.


Wilson A2000 Pudge Catcher’s Mitt

Wilson A2000 Pudge Best Catchers Mitt


In my opinion this is the best catchers mitt I have used in my life and still do. The steer hide leather glove measures 32.5 inches and does not hit very hard on the wallet as compared to catcher’s mitts from other brands. It is extremely comfortable and will last all day long despite all the abuse it will receive.


Rawlings Pro Preferred (PROSCM41MO)

rawlings pro preferred proscm41mo baseball catcher's mitt


If your hand is bigger than the average size, then this mitt is for you. It has a size of 34 inches and can greatly help the player. Made from high-quality Kip leather, it features tensile strength laces for durability. Personally I recommend this mitt if you are somewhat new to the field and need a quick grip on the mitt.

I will be publishing extensive reviews on most popular catchers mitts in future. And if you guys have any ideas or questions just let me know here: Contact Me